The Diamond Cross

A diamond cross is a beautiful item of jewellery to own and wear, whether to represent faith or as a statement of fashion.

The definition of the word “cross” in the English Dictionary is a geometric figure with two lines or bars intersecting at a 90º angle thereby diving one of two of the lines in half. These lines are usually vertical or horizontal, but if they are diagonal the design is known as a saltire. However if you asked someone to define a cross they would probably say it is a symbol used by the Christian religion to represent their faith.

A lesser known fact is that it can be a method of illustrating the division of the world into four elements or cardinal points, or as the union of divinity with the vertical line and the world being the horizontal,

After the circle the cross is one of the first known symbols drawn by children. There are many examples of cross shaped carvings in caves dating back to the Stone Age and on the steppes of Central Asia.

One of the earliest religious crosses comes from the ancient region of Altay where they used a symbol which resembled a simple plus sign as a token to their god Tengri. If you visit some of the ancient temples in Armenia you should look up to the ceiling to see how the pillars were designed to meet – they look like this type of cross.

While the cross is an everlasting symbol, you do not need to de a devout religious follower to wear one. Nowadays diamond crosses are very much in vogue. Cartier and Tiffany have designed some very delicate crosses studded with diamonds which can be suitably worn either during the day or evening.

A diamond cross looks just as good on a man as it does on a woman and many men relish this chance to be bejewelled. At our partner site, The Diamond, you can find diamond crosses in white gold and yellow gold suitable for both sexes, as well as a whole array of gemstone variations from sapphires through rubies and emeralds. There is even a devastating black diamond cross.

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