Crosses with diamonds

Crosses with diamonds are not just religious symbols but can be exceptionally beautiful diamond accessories for everyone. Diamond crosses make excellent gifts and are items of jewellery that will never go out of fashion.

Around the world crosses are used in many different emblems and symbols. They are found in the Ancient Egyptian Ankh, also called the Key of the Nile, and the bent cross which is better known as the swastika, a holy Hindu and Buddhist symbol (although in the Western World this symbol is often associated with Nazism even though the direction of the emblem has been reversed).

Other examples of crosses are the high cross which is a free standing Celtic cross, usually found in churches and graveyards in the UK and Ireland, the red cross which denotes medical care throughout the world, and the St Andrew’s Cross which is used in the national flag of Scotland and has been given this name because he was believed to have died as a martyr on a cross of this design.

Crosses are also used for other reasons. In mathematics the Roman numeral for ten is X while the Chinese character for ten is X. The dagger or obelus was designed in the form of a cross and the addition and multiplication signs in mathematics are crosses. A cross is often used to mark something as it is easy to create and gives a more accurate position than a dot.

There are many more examples, but the above have been used to illustrate the importance of the cross over the centuries as a symbol of faith and endurance. It is therefore no wonder that they are still worn today, but happily not in the heavy iron and wooden forms of the past but as gold or platinum crosses with diamonds.

Top fashion designers and celebrity jewellers like Kenneth J Lane, Theo Fennell and Butler and Wilson all feature a variety of diamond crosses in their collections. With a client list that reads like a “Who’s Who” Fennell recently held a launch party for his new Strip collection and invited 700 guests mainly made up from rock stars, film idols, sportsmen and top society names. Glasses of pink champagne were raised to toast his success by the likes of Sir David Frost, Sir Elton John, Hugh Grant and Jemima Goldsmith, Lulu, Joan Collins and Ruby Wax, many of whom own their very own diamond crosses.

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